GDPR Notice

Dictated message:

Hey y’all, so I been told that them governments in the place that we beat up a few hunnert years ago are gettin’ pickier about what the kids nowadays call ‘the internet’.

Well, I dunno about y’all, but I really don’t consarn neither me, myself, or I with what them politicians over there think, and I ain’t a fan of them stickin’ their noses into my business neither.

There’s plenty o’ rules goin’ around without enterferin’ in other people’s good business. My lawer friend said I had to put a notice up, so here ya go.

I ain’t got the full gist of it, but there was sumthin about sharin’ cookies, but from what I been told, this whole thing here is just a bunch ‘o ‘lectrons’, so if you can get any cookies outta that you’re more’n welcome to as many as you can take, but goodness knows what they’ve got in them. Kids nowadays, back in my day we made cookies in the kitchen, no stray electrons to worry about.

Shucks, I’ll even send more ‘lectrons your way if that helps. My ole grandaddy aluys said bigger is better, so I’ll send plenty your way. Nobody ever done accused me of bein’ stingy.

If you don’t like them cookies go somewhere else and buy yourself a cookbook or ask your granny.

Anyhoo, I-Oh my lawer says I gotta not do bad stuff with anything you send. Pretty idiotic if you ask me, but I guess you ain’t askin. You keep your data, and if you send it to me it ain’t my problem. You send it to me it’s mine, just like that old buck-tooth mule brother Jensen tried to pasture over in the south quarter without askin. Eatin’ my good crops for three months. Turns out he sent it over here ‘cause he thought it was fittin’ to kick the bucket, and figured it warn’t his problem, but some good sweet ear corn (And you ain’t gonna find better in a hunnerd miles if I do say so myself) and it was right as rain, and now it’s mine and he can’t do nothin’ about it ‘cause he told Billy what he was doin’, but Billy’s my buddy, and ain’t gonna let him do no backslidin’. I guess that’s enough ramblin’ for now, I got chores to do.